Most married people are not naïve enough to believe they know everything about their spouse. It is easy, however, to believe you know your partner pretty well. Shocking doesn’t adequately describe the compression in your chest when you discover your spouse has a secret, a BIG secret, that is affecting his spirituality, employment, children and you.

My husband’s secret is pornography… an addiction that has been festering in him for over twenty-five years.

This is the first marital problem we’ve encountered where I didn’t feel like I could call my best friend or older sister for advice. It isn’t really my secret to tell. Although I would much rather counsel with people I love, I will respect my husband’s privacy until he is willing to share.

In the meantime, I will attend the 12-step support group, and if I still need to get things off my chest, I will blog. If just one thing I say helps just one other person, then maybe THE SECRET will also bring some good.


3 thoughts on “THE SECRET

  1. Blog away sis! And Ziggy is right, you are not alone. There are MANY other women and men either in or have been in your shoes.
    Blogging has helped me in my recovery of porn, depression, self-worth and anger but the true help came with talking with real people. Find you just one in whom you can trust and share. It is not just your husbands secret, because it does not affect just him. It is yours too and it needs to brought out. James 5:16 is my life verse.


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