It’s Not MY Favorite…


It's Not MY Favorite...

The beautiful spring flowers are such a blessing in my life. I am thankful our creator made such a variety of shapes and color.

While appreciating all of the wonderful new blooms, I thought about preferences. My favorite flowers are blue and purple. Statice dries beautifully. Pansies are playfull. Hyacinthoides remind me of my childhood.

My husband, however, prefers to pick his favorite flowers by fragrance; tulips or roses.

Our favorite mistakes are different, too. My husband is addicted to pornography. I have other weaknesses. It is easy for me to want to judge him, because I don’t understand choosing pornography over family. He probably doesn’t understand the bad things I give a higher priority than family.

All of us have favorites; favorite flowers and favorite failings. Just because I do not understand my husbands favorite failing does not mean it is any worse than mine. It is not my place to judge.


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