Just Listen to the Little Ones


Just Listen to the Little Ones

Yesterday we visited my parents tombstone at the cemetery, and gathered with extended family for a BBQ. I am so blessed with some of the most amazing sisters:)

After the water-fight most of the adults gathered in the shade for watermelon. As I looked at these women I love I thought of some of the struggles they have faced, and wondered if they too had struggles they didn’t mention. When we were girls we certainly didn’t keep secrets from each other. Sometimes marriage and family can change that a little.

I looked at my nieces and nephews. With my new awareness of statistics, I wondered if any of them were trapped by the monster of addiction. If the numbers hold true, some should be. What could I do to help these sweet children who are old enough be become trapped, but not old enough to understand the consequences?

I can listen. I can be a friend. I can demonstrate my love for them. As many of them embark into adulthood, I will pray that if they are ever in need of help and are unable to speak to a parent, that they will feel comfortable speaking to me.


2 thoughts on “Just Listen to the Little Ones

  1. Yes, we can pray for them. We can also educate them gently. but more importantly is to do as you said be there for them. Build that relationship so that they know they can come to you with anything. I know that, technically, parents should be a child’s first line of communication but for many it is tough…especially when it deals with sexual issues.


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