Jesus in the Office


Something I figured out along the way is the word of God brings peace.

As a young mom, when I wanted to strangle my children, more scripture study helped me be less aggravated. When I fast if my focus starts to slip, I listen to hymns.

The company I work for has one volatile employee who yells when he is angry/frustrated/not-getting-his-way. I pretty much steer clear of him a much as possible.

Christian music is my genre of choice in my office, and car, and home ( if the kids don’t beat me to the radio…)

Today at work when said employee started screaming about a technician… I turned what my family calls my ‘Jesus Music’ volume up. The company owner stopped by my office and inquired, “Is that How Great Thou Art?” I smiled and replied, “Yes.”

Maybe someone will file a grievance for being subjected to Christian music in the workplace. Frankly, I’m tired of being subjected to the most offensive profanity. If a person uses the Lords name in vain in the workplace, shouldn’t I be allowed to sing praise to The Lord?

Clearly I need more ‘Jesus Music’ today 🙂


One thought on “Jesus in the Office


    go a day or two without food and watch the agitation set in. The same applies to spiritual food 🙂


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