… and the truth shall set you FREE?

I am sad to say that this week I am certainly not feeling very free. Two years ago I discovered my husband was a porn addict, and began attending a recovery program for spouses. He began attending a 12 Step program.

We have never gotten to the point where he is willing to talk about his addiction, so I am trying to be patient and encouraging. Each week he tells me how many days sober he is. I can’t explain why, but lately… I just knew he was lying. My gentle inquiries were met with firm denial, “I’m doing great.”

A while later I was scrutinizing our Verizon bill because somehow our data usage had tripled. (One guess which phone it was.) He apologized and explained he had been watching YouTube videos on guns during work breaks.

I hate it when the addict lies to me. Especially when it’s so damn obvious, and he thinks he is sooooo smooth.

In support group they tell us not to spy on our man because it will drive us crazy. I respect that. However, I was also really sick of listening to him brag about a sobriety date in the hundreds that was a complete and total LIE. Mostly, I just wanted to know if the past two years was just a stack of lies. Thirty seconds on his iPhone showed enough open windows accessing pornagraphy to destroy any positive thing he has ever said about his ‘recovery’.


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